Friday, February 27, 2009

Make New Friends

Want to meet new and interesting people?

Get a new phone number. Any number will do. You'll be inundated with calls from creditors looking for the person who used to have your number.

Lots of fun. And when they keep calling, you can have even more fun messing with their minds.

Hours of entertainment. Trust me.


  1. When I first got my cellphone (now disconnected) it was all night drunken party calls from people who would slur, rap and woo-woo into my voice mail. Thinking I was some player named Chester or something.

  2. I once told someone looking for John that I was him, and my last name was "JacobJingelheimerSchmidt".

  3. i have had the same phone number for so long i just don't have voice mail, im waiting for the press to go to text message button.

  4. I bought a cellphone and was immediately flooded with voicemail spam after being told by all my friends that the concept didn't exist.

  5. Grant: Oh, it exists. Text spam is bad too.